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Los Angeles,


2001 - 2013
Largest Provider of Hearse Rentals
for over 12 years

Hearse Rentals

and Studio Picture Car Vehicle Rentals
Los Angeles, Hollywood California

Chauffeured Hearse

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Funeral Coach Rentals

for private chauffeured tours and displays for any occasion

Including Television and Film Production


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Be The Talk Of The Tomb!
Don't let your first ride in a hearse be your last one...


Gravesite Tours, Halloween, Costume Parties, Mock Funerals, Birthdays, "Over-The-Hill" Parties, Weddings/Anniversaries, Night On The Town, Concerts, Plays, Dances, Proms,
Homecoming, Practical Jokes, Musician/Band Transportation,
Gothic Themes, Music Videos, Corporate Affairs, Television and Film production

The list of appliations is as limitless as your imagination!

New Mike's Light Hard Lemonade Commercial
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Pictures from the set of the music video by Pusha T, "My God"
Featuring a 1965 Cadilac Hearse, Provided by Josh & Michelle
who registered their ride with GraveRides!


Watch The Video from this shoot below

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We can custom build any car, hearse, ambulance or ?  to your specifications
From wild to mild, custom paint, lighting, body work, restoration,
electrical and fabrication For studio productions or just because you want the baddest car in your town!

Chauffeured Hearse

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Car Rentals

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Live Nation
Katy Perry
Pusha T
Mike's Lemonade
Steph Sexton
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